Wellness Program Engagement: New Hire Edition


Being the new guy or new girl at work isn’t fun. It’s nerve-wracking; you don’t know anyone; you don’t know how things work.

“Starting a new job is always scary … It’s like the first day of school.”

— Sean Mayer, actor

Alas, your workplace wellness program shouldn’t cause new employees nervous anticipation or stress. Engaging new employees should begin during onboarding and continue long after they’ve gotten their feet wet.

Don’t Spring It on ’Em

Communicate your wellness program to new employees from the get-go—don’t assume they know you have one or that they’ll figure it out on their own. Confirm early on that they’re aware of the program, due dates, requirements, and other important components.

Require Less of New Hires

It’s unfair to make new employees complete the same program requirements as current employees but in a shorter timeframe. Modify program requirements based on hire date, requiring less for those hired closer to the wellness program completion date.

Mentoring Matters

In our wellness program, Wellness Champions are chosen to educate and motivate peers to reach new levels of health and well-being. Utilize this position to mentor new hires in the program so they don’t have to go it alone.

Promote Your Culture 

We’ve discussed how to cultivate a positive culture and bring the fun in your wellness program. Healthy activities as well as Employer and Peer Challenges are great ways for new employees to experience your culture and build relationships with co-workers.

Encourage Personalization

Allowing employees to earn points for personal goals—like running a half marathon or completing a boot camp—encourages intrinsic motivation and sets them up for success. New hires will appreciate the personal touch and chance to put their stamp on the program.

Keep in mind what it’s like to be the new person, and tailor your wellness program to welcome new hires with open arms and engage them from start to finish.

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