Stop Everything: You Need to Make a BFF at Work ASAP


Maverick wouldn’t have succeeded as a naval aviator if it wasn’t for Goose (RIP). Men in Black couldn’t have kicked alien butt with only one Man in Black. Hell, even Woody needed Buzz Lightyear in the end. Best friends are able to get the job done.

Only 2 in 10 employees have a best friend at work
Are you the type who keeps your work and private life separate? Well, look alive, because it’s time to get more social. Even though only two in 10 employees say they have a best friend at work, research shows it can benefit you and your work performance big time.
72% of employees with a best friend at work are satisfied with their job


Employees with a best friend at work are:

  • 72% more satisfied with their job
  • 43% more likely to report receiving praise or recognition
  • 37% more likely to report someone encourages their career development
  • 27% are more likely to report their opinion counts at work

If six out of 10 employees had a best friend at work, companies could experience:

  • 36% fewer safety incidents
  • 7% more engaged customers
  • 12% higher profit

Employees without a workplace best friend are:


Work friendships don’t just benefit individuals, they also benefit companies, since employee performance and engagement increases. But having close friends is also good for one’s health:

Employers, start scheduling those happy hours and group outings! You want to encourage your employees to socialize and form friendships. Research shows even small rises in social bonds can increase employee productivity, and employees with a best friend at work are more likely to be in a better mood. Employees, go out there and find a co-worker to become your new BFF!


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