Selecting the Right Coaching Option for Your Program: Wait … There Are Options?


Michael Phelps had a coach. Luke Skywalker did too. Even Rocky Balboa had one when he faced down Apollo Creed for the heavyweight championship of the world. Indeed, great things are possible with the right people backing you up. It’s no different when it comes to your health.

Regardless of your company’s wellness goals, it makes sense to have someone in your corner who can educate and support your team on their way to better health. But which coaching option is best for your organization? Wait, what’s this talk about options … you mean there are choices?

In the past, one coaching option did the trick just fine. But, over the years, wellness programs have evolved to include more targeted methods. And finding one that will help you achieve your organization’s unique goals is more important than ever. Here are just a few of the options you can choose from: 

Lifestyle Coaching

At the basic level, a healthy lifestyle comes down to two things: eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise. But that’s easier said than done for many of us who struggle with convenient and unhealthy options, daily stress, and years—sometimes decades—of bad habits. That’s where a good lifestyle coach can help. They are experts at encouraging healthy behaviors and suggesting specific steps to help program members on their way.

Risk Management

Back in the day, we had no idea what caused diabetes, strokes, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions. But now, medical science has successfully gotten to the bottom of it and identified a few of the likely suspects (we’re looking at you obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure). Testing for these risk factors and reaching out specifically to members who are at risk can provide them with a qualified and personized resource to help get them on the healthier path and, in some cases, prevent chronic conditions from developing. 

Condition Management

No workplace is exempt from chronic health conditions. In fact, some industries are more susceptible to specific conditions than others. Workplaces where employees spend the majority of time on their feet, for example, may have more instances of chronic back pain than those where employees spend the majority of time sitting down—which can lead to other conditions. Targeting these chronic conditions and deploying a health coach to address them can help program members strategically manage their conditions with confidence and keep them from getting worse.

On-site Coaching

For most organizations, having health coaches engage members over the phone or online can do wonders. But sometimes it makes sense to have someone on-site at your physical location. This can provide a convenient option for employees to make an appointment and pop in for a brief conversation. It can also help employees build a better relationship with their coach, which can lead to dramatic health improvements over time. In addition, on-site coaches can offer an additional layer of accountability and present a visible reminder to employees that coaching help is available to those who need it.

You Have Options

Coaching can provide the missing link for your members between setting health goals and achieving them. In addition to providing an invaluable resource to your program members, they can also keep members accountable by giving them someone to report progress to.

Choosing the right option for your organization can make a big difference to your members, providing a cost-effective way to achieve your organization’s wellness goals, and adding a personal touch to your wellness program. 

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