3 Ways to Create a Positive Workplace Culture that Actually Sticks


Every leader should aim to create a positive workplace culture. According to research, it reduces healthcare costs, engages employees, and fosters loyalty. Pretty rewarding, right?

But workplace culture can deteriorate pretty quickly when not cultivated. When a company is experiencing stress from rapid growth, the first thing that goes out the window is culture. Rituals that were once celebrated or revered suddenly lose their place on the priority list.

So how do you nurture your workplace culture to ensure it’s eternally successful?

1. Be its Biggest Fan
Say your son plays little league but he wasn’t blessed in the coordination department (a nice way of saying he’s not exactly Babe Ruth). Despite his baseball shortcomings, you’re his number one cheerleader—because that’s what parents do. In the same way, you have to be the culture’s biggest fan – especially when company priorities shift.

The foundation of a good workplace culture is authenticity. If you believe in it and support it wholeheartedly, it creates a trickle-down effect. It can transform your employees from eye-rolling zombies to inspired participants. Our culture at Viverae® promotes healthy lifestyles. Any day of the week you’ll find our leadership eating in our healthy café, working out in the gym, or participating in peer challenges—because they live and breathe our company culture.

2. Hire the Right People
Johnny has all the qualifications for the job position, but he left you feeling uneasy—that’s probably a red flag. Hire with intent and intuition. It’s about finding the right fit for the job, and that means other things factor into the hiring process besides qualifications.

You need to hire qualified candidates who will also be inspired by your culture. Just like positive energy is contagious, so is negative energy. It only takes one misplaced hire to break down the atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to build.

3. Linger Around the Water Cooler
Don’t know your employees’ names? Don’t make time to talk to them? An unapproachable leader cannot cultivate a positive culture. Your employees will spend more time avoiding you than working harder for you.

Make time to talk to your employees on a level playing field. Build genuine relationships with them—it leads to trust and loyalty. This kind of workplace encourages creativity, which inspires productivity and innovation.

Buy into your own culture, hire the right people, and purposefully build relationships with your employees. I promise, you’ll start noticing changes around your office as your culture begins to thrive.


MN Black

Michael Nadeau

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