A Step-by-Step Guide to Conducting Successful On-Site Health Events


Want to kick your workplace wellness initiatives off with a bang? Hosting a company-wide health fair or on-site biometric screening event could be exactly what the doctor ordered. In addition to building awareness about health and wellness topics, these events can also provide your employees with vital health metrics, basic information about what all those confusing numbers mean, and can ultimately get them started down a healthier path.

They’re also a great way to encourage employees to make progress on your workplace wellness program, especially if a biometric screening is one of the required program activities. Completing a screening can inspire employees to log in to the wellness portal to check their metrics, learn more about health risks and conditions, and encourage them to explore all the educational resources available through the program.

Unfortunately, setting up a successful company-wide event can be a daunting task and may even seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve never organized one before. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back with a few tips to help ensure a well-attended and well-executed event.

Go Gung-ho on Communication: Communication is an essential ingredient to any successful wellness program. It’s no different when it comes to your health fair or screening. Just because you’re planning awesome events doesn’t mean that everyone will automatically know to clear their calendars. Make sure you cover the basics: emails, flyers, posters, desk drops, etc. And be sure to look for creative ways to announce the event.

Allow Pre-registration: When spreading the word about the event, it’s important to drive a specific call to action, such as asking employees to sign up or register for the event. This is especially important if you are hosting multiple events at different times and/or dates—which can make it easier for employees to fit into their busy schedules. If your wellness platform allows members to pre-register for the event, be sure to encourage employees to take advantage of this useful technology.

Set a Wake-up Call: Don’t expect people to show up just because they pre-registered for the event. Be sure to send timely reminders about the upcoming event to everyone who signed up. Some wellness providers will do this for you, sending reminder emails or push notifications through their mobile app to those who signed up through the wellness portal.

Ensure Confidentiality: While some people are all too comfortable talking about health issues and conditions in agonizing detail, keeping health information private is a major concern for many employees. That’s why at Viverae®, we typically set up pipes and drapes at our screenings to help make members feel comfortable and provide privacy. Whatever you decide to do, it’s important to address these concerns head-on in the beginning. Ensure that everyone’s health information will remain private and that their co-workers and the company itself will not be privy to any information discovered or disclosed at the event.

Hire Professional Screening Personnel: Your screening staff can make or break the event. That’s because screening personnel are sometimes the first and only people that a member sees face-to-face at the event. It’s important to bring in professionals who are trained to carry out the screening properly and are qualified to speak to each member about their numbers and what they mean. If possible, it’s always a good idea to try to bring back the same individuals next year. This not only helps ensure that your members see some familiar faces, but also helps maintain consistent quality from one year to the next.

Take It up a Notch: The biometric screening is important, but why stop there? On-site events provide an excellent opportunity to introduce employees to healthy activities and encourage additional steps. If you’re planning to provide flu immunizations, for example, why set up a separate event when you can do it during the screening event? If you have the space and experienced personnel available, why not set up some exercise demonstrations, CPR or first aid classes, or chair massages? While you’re at it, why not hand out some useful flyers or brochures to raise awareness of health issues?

Planning a big event can be stressful—even in the best circumstances. That’s especially true when trying to execute a major company-wide event like a health fair or biometric screening. That’s why it’s so important to begin planning your event early and leverage your relationship with your wellness program provider. They’re there to help, so don’t be shy in asking for their assistance when it comes to planning and executing your event.

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