Enough with Wellness Fads—It’s Time to Get Back to Basics


Guest blog featuring Mike Lamb, President and Chief Executive Officer, Viverae

“Oh, look, something shiny!” It’s easy to get distracted by the new “it” thing in wellness. Especially during the new year, when health and wellness is top of mind and wellness companies are ardently promoting the next best thing in wellness. As a wellness company, it can be difficult to decipher the right path to choose in such a rapidly evolving industry with ever-changing health trends. With the dawn of the new year, we decided to stop and think about our place in the industry and the direction we wanted Viverae® to take moving forward.

We all know fad diets don’t work, and we’re not interested in wellness fads. Even though we’re a company that prides itself on innovation—and we will continue contributing new ideas and technologies to the industry—we want to ensure we don’t lose sight of our mission and values along the way. That’s why we’ve decided to focus on clarity this year—for ourselves, for our clients, for our members. We’re choosing to trend away from all the hype and simply get back to basics. Because tried and true—while not always glamorous—works.

We’re Not Build-A-Bear

On the surface, being able to customize every minute detail for clients can seem like the highest form of commitment and dedication. It works for a company like Build-A-Bear, which creates personalized stuffed toys, because customization is their strategy. It’s literally what they’re in business to do. But for our company—one whose strategy isn’t customization—it comes at a price.

When a wellness company constantly jumps through hoops to highly customize wellness programs or keep up with wellness fads, strategy can get lost. It can be tempting for clients to want everything offered in wellness, but it isn’t always what’s best for both companies involved. A reputable wellness program provider will have a solid wellness program in place, with experts who can consult with clients on best practices and the best strategy to meet their needs.

Clarity in Wellness

A little introspection never hurt anyone, and with our focus on clarity, we want to be clear about what we’re in business to do. We provide wellness programs that inspire healthy lifestyles and help our clients control healthcare costs. It’s that simple. No fads. No gimmicks. No empty promises. We’ve been in business for 14 years, and we know how to design successful wellness programs.

The wellness industry can be extremely disjointed and complex, which is why we keep our programs simple. You don’t need the latest wellness fad to maintain a healthy lifestyle—you just need to get back to basics. A healthy lifestyle is about setting goals to eat better, get active, see your doctor, and improve mental and financial well-being, which in turn lowers risks and reduces healthcare costs. And our wellness programs, along with our coaching and condition management solutions, inspire and support members on that journey.

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