Our 4 Favorite CES 2017 Wellness Innovations


Ah, CES®. Also known as Christmas for electronics enthusiasts. Every year, the Consumer Technology Association hosts CES, debuting hot new consumer electronics products and mind-blowing innovations to the delight of techies the world over.

And those interested in health and wellness can delight, too, as many wellness- and fitness-focused products debuted this year. And while CES never fails to reveal innovative creations, not all see market success, or even market release. Sadly, some just flounder into oblivion. But, we’re optimistic …

Here are four of our favorite CES 2017 wellness-related products that we hope will become market realities:

Motiv Ring

Move over bulky wrist-based trackers. Designed to be worn on your finger day and night, the waterproof Motiv Ring smart device tracks your activity, heart rate, and sleep. Available spring 2017 in sleek-looking rose gold or slate gray ultralight titanium, we especially love its personal goals tie-in and its ability to monitor activity from heart rate.

K’Track Glucose

Diabetics, rejoice: K’Track Glucose is a wearable tracker that claims to painlessly measure glucose in a few seconds, using biosensor technology without a blood sample. Estimated to launch in 2018, K’Track makes monitoring blood glucose easy in any setting and can be worn during sports and exercise, when glucose levels tend to rise.

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

You (should) already know that a lack of sleep negatively affects many areas of your health. So, prep yourself for the magic that is the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed. Aside from sleep number settings, the bed senses your movements and automatically adjusts firmness, comfort, and support to keep you blissfully asleep. If it senses a person snoring, it gently lifts their side of the bed to stop snoring it its tracks—and save marriages, we assume. Combined with the fact that it warms your feet to help you fall asleep faster, we’re pretty much in love. Let’s all eagerly await its “Coming 2017” arrival.

Active Cushioning Run Profiler Sneaker

Digitsole, the maker of this prototype sneaker, already produces tech-savvy heating insoles and sneakers. But their hopes for the Active Cushioning Run Profiler go beyond tracking steps, speed, calories, etc. The shoe aims to actively shift foot support to minimize injuries and improve running performance. The company is hoping to release these smart sneakers toward the end of 2017.

With technological innovations as clever as the ones at CES 2017, consumers can expect to become more informed, better connected, and poised for success as their health journey progresses.

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