5 Ways Employers Can Support Employees’ Healthy Resolutions


Employees spend the majority of their waking hours at work, and their work environment can influence them in many ways. If Monday morning meetings always begin with donuts and employees work late most nights of the week, it’s extremely likely your company culture is negatively affecting their well-being.

As the new year rolls around, employees nationwide will be vowing to eat healthier and hit the gym five days a week. This gives employers a real opportunity to show their support by creating a company culture that encourages employees to stick to their healthy resolutions all year long. 

1. Work-life Balance

If your company has been operating with an iron fist—making employees work through lunch hour or come in sick—it’s time to revamp and revitalize your company culture. Employee resolutions will relate to different aspects of work-life balance, so kick off the new year with a culture party and get feedback from employees about what work-life balance means to them. Millennials may value work-from-home options, while employees with children may value flexible schedules. Once you’ve gauged their feedback, implement changes that support their needs. You can even do raffle drawings for free vacation days for those who attend.

2. Tobacco Cessation

Quitting tobacco is difficult, and many of your employees have probably made the resolution to quit more than once in their lifetime. And work can be stressful—from the commute, the deadlines, the responsibility, to the office politics—making tobacco users more likely to take a tobacco break at work. Offering a tobacco cessation program not only supports your employees with the resources they need to quit, it also benefits your bottom line. For each employee that stops smoking, employers can save nearly $6,000 a year.

3. Company Breakroom

Employees are less likely to binge at a fast-food restaurant out of sheer hunger—inadvertently breaking their healthy eating resolutions—if healthy food items are readily available at their workplace. A company breakroom should offer more than just coffee, so consider stocking your breakroom with free healthy snack options. One survey found when employees have free snack options at work, 66 percent report being extremely or very happy at their job.

4. Financial Wellness

Financial stress is a big issue affecting Americans, and 72 percent of employees are interested in their employer providing programs to help them make financial decisions. A free financial wellness program—offering budgeting and assessment tools as well as guidance and resources—is a valuable asset for the majority of your employees resolving to better manage their finances in the new year.

5. Fitness Subsidy

Starting an exercise routine is the old faithful of New Year’s resolutions—it’s never going away. And rightly so, since exercise is an important component of both physical and mental health, and a proven stress reliever. An on-site gym may not be realistic for many companies, but offering employees subsidized fitness memberships is an enticing work perk that also benefits employers, as unhealthy employees cost companies a lot of money.

Three out of five employees report they want employers to play an active role in improving their health. And many New Year’s resolutions relate to the physical, mental, and financial health of your employees. Whether you utilize a wellness program or DIY it, buffering your company culture to holistically support your employees and their resolutions will not go unnoticed.

If you’re on the fence about whether a wellness program would be a valuable asset to your company, learn more here.

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